Every morning, the PCN administration will manage the weapons detection system. Each student will go through two pylons that are designed to identify condensed forms of metal that could mimic a weapon each morning as they arrive to school.

It is not uncommon for a student to set off the alarm. If they set the alarm, we then physically look through the bag. If possible, could you please help your student go through their backpacks and eliminate anything that is not needed for the school day. Last year, we noticed that many students are carrying backpacks that are extremely heavy and can’t be comfortable for them.

The things that seem to set off the system the most are multiple things stacked together in the backpack and appear to be condensed metal. These include three ring binders, spiral notebooks, metal water bottles, eyeglass cases, portable chargers, rolling backpacks, insulated backpacks, instrument cases, umbrellas, and utensils to use for lunch. Again, students are allowed to have these things, but only if necessary.

We will also have the weapons detection system in use at all home football games, basketball games, graduation, and any other event we feel may be necessary to ensure student safety.